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Due to his dedication and deep knowledge of Chinese Martial Arts culture, skills and philosophy, Sifu has achieved and been awarded many positions and titles that show his dedication to his art.

Having studied with China’s greatest masters and within China’s elite martial institutions, Sifu is considered to be one of Australia’s leading authorities on Chinese Martial Arts and one of the world’s youngest experts.

With deep knowledge and strong lineage Sifu continues to delve deeper into one of China’s most illustrious cultural treasures.

Sifu has achieved the following:

  • Official representative of the Shaolin Temple, China
  • 32nd Generation Shaolin Temple Disciple of Shi De Yang
  • 33rd Generation Disciple of the Abbot of Shaolin Temple Shi Yong Xin
  • 2009 World Goushu Kung Fu & Tai Chi Champion
  • 2009 World Goushu Award for Outstanding Teaching & Skills
  • Coach of World, Oceania, Australian & Queensland Wushu, Tai Chi and Traditional Kung Fu Champions & Grand Champions
  • Coach of TV & Movie Stars and personalities and Stuntpeople
  • AKWF Queensland State Kung Fu & Tai Chi (Wushu) Championships Chief Head Judge
  • Australian Traditional Wushu Team Medical Staff Member
  • National Coaching Accreditation Level 1
  • National Coaching Accreditation level 2
  • National Officiating Accreditation Level 1
  • Australian Championships Head Judge
  • 2006 AKWF Australian Championships Committee Chairman
  • Oceania Championships Judge
  • Coach of Second Place Australian Team Event at 2nd World Traditional Championships, China
  • AKWF QLD Secretary
  • AKWF QLD Vice Chairman
  • AKWF QLD Wushu Development Officer
  • Inner North East Community liaison Committee Member
  • IWUF Judges Course
  • Founder & Principal of the Shaolin Kung Fu Guan
  • Coach of the Shaolin Kung Fu Guan Lion & Dragon Dance Team
  • Coach of the Shaolin Kung Fu Guan Performance Team
  • AKWF member
  • TCAA member
  • Wu Dang Longmen Pai member, China
  • Chenjiagou Tai Chi Training Centre member, China
  • TCAA National Judge
  • AKWF QLD Championships Committee Chairman
  • Ma Shi Tongbei Quan Representative
  • 1st Generation Dongyue Taiji practitioner
  • World Dongyue Taijiquan Association member
  • QLD Dongyue Taijiquan official representative
  • Australia’s Number 1 competitive Traditional Kung Fu school
  • Leaders of Chinese Martial Arts in Australia

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