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Chinese Martial Arts Styles

At the Shaolin Kung Fu Guan we teach authentic Shaolin Temple Kung Fu and several famous and unique traditional and contemporary wushu. The Shaolin Kung Fu Guan is fortunate to have a connection with many of china’s elite masters and has a strong lineage in many systems of kung fu. Each Style has its own specialties and characteristics. Within many styles there are different branches and forms which can vary from master to master, yet the principles remain the same. 

Currently we have regular classes for:

- Shaolin Kung Fu

- Chen Tai Chi

- Yang Tai Chi

- Bagua Zhang

- Xingyi Quan

- Contemporary Wushu

- Sanda (Chinese MMA)

- Chan (Zen) Meditation

- Qi Gong (Chinese Yoga)

- Body Blitz

- Chinese Lion & Dragon Dance

- Martial Arts Tricking

- Acrobatics & Tumbling

Although these are our regular classes we also offer private tuition as well in other styles of Chinese Martial Arts such as:

- Baji Quan

- Fanzi Quan

- Tongbei Quan

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